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Daytona Beach Residential and Commercial Security Systems

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Security system daytona beach

With a population of over 66,647 people, Daytona Beach has one of the highest crime rates in America. According to NeighborhoodScout, Daytona Beach is placed in the top 100 most dangerous cities in the U.S.A. Property Crime makes up a good percentage of this crime rate, so your chance of becoming a victim of a property crime is 1 in 16, which is a rate of 63 per 1,000 population.

Despite these alarming statistics, there’s no reason your family or employees should have to live in fear. If you want to take the necessary steps to protect your property, APS Security and Fire is here to help! We’ve got the cutting-edge residential and business security products you need to feel safe.

Why Are Residential Security Systems Important?

Whether you’re at home or away, any number of frightening things could occur. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, it’s crucial to take precautionary steps to ensure your home and family are protected.

With over 33 years of experience in the home security industry, APS Security and Fire has the knowledge and skills needed to help keep you and your loved ones safe. Depending on your family’s unique needs, we can help you create a tailored system that targets any of your particular concerns.

What Types Of Security Products Are Available?

Residential security is about more than just installing a single alarm panel by your front door. It’s about making sure that each area of your home and any potential weak spot in your property is covered in the unfortunate event that an accident or criminal action should occur.

For this reason, our full-service team of security specialists is pleased to provide Daytona Beach homeowners and businesses with a wide selection of security products.

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Our company is proud to offer some of the leading indoor and outdoor security camera products on the market. These devices are guarded by 24/7 monitoring and feature high-tech resolution for clear visibility.

Glass Break & Motion Detectors

Whether you’re out for the evening or in bed asleep, you’ll be protected by our sensitive glass break and motion detector products, which also feature 24/7 monitoring.

Fire Alarms & Smoke Detectors

Do the current smoke detectors in your home or business work the way they should? Are you looking for upgraded products? We have all of the fire safety products you need to feel protected.

Learn More About Our Daytona Beach Security Systems Today

Fortunately, with our state of the art security alarm systems, you won’t have to worry about your home or business anymore. Make sure you are completely protected from burglary with door and window transmitters, high definition cameras, and motion detectors. Don’t wait until it’s too late; keep what matters most safe with APS.

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