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Flagler Beach Residential and Commercial Security Systems

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Home Security Flagler Beach
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Home Security Flagler Beach

Here at APS, we love Flagler Beach. We have installed many security and fire alarms in the Flagler Beach area and continue to keep families safe. When it comes to protecting the things that matter the most, you can count on APS to be there for you.

Flagler Beach is one of our favorite towns here in central Florida, and it would be our pleasure to provide you with everything you need to keep you safe.

Industry-Leading Residential Security Systems

Each year, approximately 1.5 million property crimes occur throughout the United States. Of this number, a rare few are actually solved.

By installing a top-of-the-line home security system from APS Security and Fire, you’ll be providing your family and home the trusted protection they deserve. Not only will residential security products help authorities identify who’s at fault, but they’ll also deter criminals from hitting your home in the first place.

There are several different types of home security systems currently available.

Local Security Systems

Local security products are the most affordable option available and are relatively simple to install. These motion detectors hook directly onto your doors and windows. When they’re triggered, an alarm will sound to scare off intruders.

It’s essential to realize, however, that local systems are not monitored by any security company.

Wired Security Systems

Wired security systems are one of the most popular options in Flagler Beach. If you want a unit that’s monitored 24-hours a day, this might be the optimal solution. Wired security systems include various options, including door and window alarms, motion detectors, fire alarms, and glass break detectors.

Wireless Security Systems

The wireless security systems at APS Security and Fire function similarly to traditional wired systems. The primary difference is that they’re not wired into the home. This makes it easy to relocate if you decide to move.

If you’re still unsure what type of security system is right for your home, we can help. Our expertly trained technicians will help you create a custom system to fit your family’s unique security wants and need.

Learn More About Our Flagler Beach Home Security Systems

We install cameras, motion detectors, window and door transmitters, and much more. Contact us below for an estimate on your home or business, and a qualified alarm expert will set up a time and place to meet with you and discuss options. Don’t wait until its too late.

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